Upcoming gigs…

Summer is coming 🌞 And a lot of fun stuff going on! Soon more info 😛

For booking and collab inquiries: info@jenniferlove.se

Upcoming gigs May and June 2018 🎼🎧


6th May @ Event, Djurönäset

8th May @ Mercedes Event, Stockholm

11th May @scandicanglais, Stockholm

12th May @scandicanglais Takterrass, Stockholm

15th May @ EPI Event, Stockholm

19th May @ Operaterrassen Event, Stockholm

23rd May @josefinasthlm ”Buenas Noches” premiere grand opening, Stockholm

24th May @ Kingsfomarket Event, Stockholm

25th May @ Summer Party, Stockholm

26th May TBA Spain

28th May TBA Spain

30th May @Berns Event, Stockholm

1st June @ Summer Event, Stockholm

2nd June @ TBA

5th June @ Event, Stockholm

7th June @ Josefina Event, Stockholm

8th June TBA

9th June @scandicanglais, Stockholm

11th June @Xforcetraining, ”After Workout”, Stockholm

14th June @ Event, Sturebadet, Stockholm

15th June @scandicanglais, Stockholm

16th June TBA

17th June @ Volvo Ocean Race, Göteborg

30th June @scandicanglais, Stockholm

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